After 10 years, our team developed a number of high-quality steels and alloys in accord with the latest advances in alloy modification technology for steel producers in Europe and Eurasia
Yuriy Novomeyskiy incorporated a new group of modifiers utilizing natural raw materials to improve the technology of manufacturing steels and alloys. The implementation of the steels followed a series of new standards and industry specifications, patenting them in USA, Canada, Germany, Italy and Russia to supply demand
Through the research and usage of ultra-disperse d-block metals Yuriy Novomeyskiy created his first ISC alloy, featuring very unique properties of hardness to increase life cycle of wear parts
After 40 years in business in Europe and Eurasia, ARMET dramatically increased its presence in China and take advantage of its fast development. Now, Mikhail Krivykh (CEO) joined ARMET to help the company expand around the world by partnering with key leaders in the industry
After 50 years producing modifiers for metals for the top metal producers in Europe, ARMET opens its first foundry in Sichuan China to compete for the best quality and strongest steels in the world
ARMET sets up its first office in Shanghai as a strategic point to supply the regions of North America and South America
ARMET expands its production facility to produce a record number of 250,000 tons per year to supply our global clients